Our Services

Selection of European calls.

Because not all project ideas fit into the different European funding programmes, it is vital to make a first diagnosis of the idea, the programme, the customer’s need, the consortium and the amount of grant that we are going to request.

A bad approach, or a bad reading of the topic can ruin all the work, a good diagnosis is really important. This diagnosis is made with the customer without ruling out other levels of funding (national and regional) if relevant.

Have you received a negative evaluation of your proposal? We help you to see the weak points, reinforce them and submit it again if there are real opportunities.

Writing European proposals.

We help you to write your proposal, search for partners if necessary, register on the European Commission platform, request a PIC, set a work schedule, prepare the consortium budget, with care, to facilitate the future management of the project and avoid “surprises” in future audits.

We advise you on intellectual property issues, business plans, if necessary. We collect the information of the partners to finally submit the proposal in a timely manner.

Management of European projects.

Global management of the awarded project. Financial and administrative monitoring of the project coordinator and partners.

Support with the Consortium Agreement, Data Management Plan. Support and / or development of Communication tasks.

Liaise with officials of the European Commission. Support until project closure and consultations in subsequent audits of the European Commission, if they occur.


Tailor-made courses, workshops and talks on European R&D grants. With 3 typologies:

  • Calls and programmes (main features).
  • Project management (financial reports, tools and preparation of forms).
  • Training in-house teams (training for professionals who require an update or acquisition of new knowledge) in both public and private sectors.